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posted 11/14/2017

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TEAM PICTURES......Monday, Dec.11th @ Indoor Sports Complex
posted 11/14/2017

TEAM PICTURES.....Monday, Dec.11th


                   TEAM PICTURES

Date:  Monday, Dec.11th             
Location:  Indoor Sports Complex


                                                               5:30        JCATS Boys 5th Grade Orange
                                                               5:40        JCATS Boys 5th Grade Black
                                                               5:50        JCATS Boys 5th Grade White
                                                               6:00        JCATS Boys 6th Grade Orange
                                                               6:20        JCATS Boys 6th Grade Black
                                                               6:30        JCATS Boys 6th Grade White
                                                               6:40        JCATS 7th Grade Orange
                                                               6:50        JCATS 7th Grade Black
                                                               7:10        JCATS 7th Grade White
                                                               7:20        JCATS 8th Grade Orange
                                                               7:30        JCATS 8th Grade Black
                                                               7:40        JCATS 8th Grade White

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Food Drive
posted 11/14/2017

Food Drive


Gobble, Gobble - JCATS!

To kick off our campaign to SHOOT, SCORE and SERVE our Community JCATS will be conducting a food drive for the Libertyville Food Pantry

Please bring grocery items @ beginning of your JCAT practice TUESDAY, 11/21/17

Indicate team (Grade and Color) on the bag. Team with most items earns a pizza party!

No glass. No expired goods. No previously opened items.

Suggested Items

  • Canned Goods: chicken, corned beef hash, salmon, sardines, soup, tuna, chili, spaghetti O’s, ravioli,

    sloppy joe mix, vegetables and fruits

  • Sauces: spaghetti sauce, gravy and sauce mixes

  • Dry Goods: crackers, muffin mix, salt and pepper, powdered milk, Ramon Noodles, popcorn, cake mix,

    rice, mac and cheese, Hamburger Helper, cookies, snack foods, spices

  • Baking Supplies: sugar, brown sugar, chocolate chips, baking powder, flour, salt, vanilla, chocolate

    chips, nuts

  • Condiments: ketchup, mayonnaise, barbecue sauce, salad dressing

  • Breakfast items: cold and hot cereal, pancake mixes, syrup

  • Creamy Peanut Butter, Jams, Jelly

  • Sugar Free Products

  • Jello, Puddings

  • Vegetable Oil, Cooking Oil

  • Coffee, Tea, Juice

  • Milk: Powdered, Evaporated, Condensed Only

  • Paper Products: toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, tissue

  • Aluminum Foil, Saran

  • Personal Care: shampoo, soap, toothpaste, mouthwash, diapers (sizes 2, 3 and 4), wipes

  • Boost, Ensure

  • Laundry & Dish Soap, Cleaning Products, Garbage Bags

  • Jewel gift cards: ($15-$25) for families that need milk and meat.

    ***Brown paper bags from the grocery store greatly needed for dispersing donations

***Thank you in advance for sharing



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2018 IL Middle School Basketball Championship
posted 10/04/2017

2018 IL Middle School Basketball Championship


JCATS is proud to announce that the

MATTO (January 21) & FEEDER FRENZY (January 28) Tournaments are


Official Qualifiers for the 2018 Illinois Middle School Basketball Championship to be held in Rockford on March 16th-18th.


**Teams who finish 1st or 2nd in each division, grades 5th – 8th, will qualify for the State Championship to battle the top teams from across Illinois.  Division placement at State (i.e. Gold or Silver) to be determined by State Committee.**


To register for our tournaments, please click the “tournament” tab on our website.


Find more information at http://www.statebasketballchampionship.com/illinois






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